The Konsum Arts_Server is an arts Server founded by Max Moswitzer and Margarete Jahrmann in 1995. Setting up a linux server connected to a local network of servers in Vienna, VBS made it possible to use the server itself as arts material. The Konsum Arts_Server was then used for script based art and live net-DJ-lectures. 

On Konsum Arts_server so far net protocols, f.ex. traceroute, were used to generate realtime online sounds and visuals for live events, f.ex in Budapest with farmers manual and in Rotterdam at DEAF96 with Sito.orgís techwiz John vanQuast. At VRML-Art99 at Siemens Nixdorf museum Konsum VRML_Art was shown as conceptual online artwork. 
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Margarete Jahrmann 
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Trained @ the University for Angewandte Kunst Vienna+ Rietveld Academy. Workingfileds are net_art, Art_servers, DJ lectures, Net-Concepts, internet-performances and Web3D. 96 Cofounder of konsum arts server, 98 numerous Superfem Online-performances, f.ex. at EMAF osnabrueck, Forum stadtpark Graz, International performance conf Frankfurt99. 

1996 cofounder of the columne popTarts on female netculture for the Online Magazin Telepolis, 98-99, concept for lecture series at Ars Electronica center Linz on netculture.1999 co-publisher of the book „Intertwinedness, reflecting the structure of the net", Ritterverlag. 1996-98 Lecturer for multimedia at the University for Arts and industrial Design Linz, 1999 lecturer for Web3D programminglanguages at the University for Applied Arts Vienna, 1999 guest professor for hybrid-media in Linz. 

Participating@ Siggraph99/ Los Angeles, OpenX /Ars Electronica99, 3D gamelevel for Synworld99 at museumsquartier Vienna, VRML_Art Show 99at Heinz Nixdorf Museum Paderborn, European Media Festival Osnabrueck 98/96, Documenta X, 1st Cyberfeminst Internationale 97, Steirischer Herbst 97, Zonen der Verstörung, Graz, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival 96, Digital Dive, V2 Rotterdam, Museum for Angewandte Kunst Wien, MAK- Gallery, medien-apparate-kunst 96

Max Moswitzer
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born 1968, specialised on 3D simulations and arts Server design and configurations, 1996 founder of Konsum Art_Server, interactive installations, telematic setups and Videos, f.ex. ASCIIkarre 99 at OK Center of contemporary arts Linz. 

1985 university for applied arts vienna, "arts"  at Oswald Oberhuber und Ernst Caramelle. 1986 communicationstheory at Roy Ascott, first network und Internetprojects,installations, experimental arts programmings and computermanipulations. 1987 noumerous videos and music-clips at the videostudio of Karl Kowanz. 1987 Ars Electronica Stipendia. 

1990 cofounder of the artistsgroup YOU NEVER KNOW for mediaevents and installations at international galleries, f.ex. Sezession Vienna, Gallery Knoll Budapest, Gallery Overbeck Vienna, Gallery Steinek Vienna etc..

From, 1996 on participating @ international festivals and art shows: MAK, Museum for Angewandte Kunst Vienna 1996; European Media Art Festival Osnabrück 1996; Dutch Electronic Arts Festival Rotterdam 1996; Media Research Foundation Budapest1997; Steirischer Herbst 1997, 1998 Bitstream Enschede, Installation at Public netbase Vienna, 1999 3D Game für Synreal World Vienna and OpenX, Ars Electronica99.