7-12th August 1999
@Siggraph99 in Los Angeles
at Creative Appplications & Scetches at the LA Convention Center
Presentation of Linx3D Concept, demoversion and paper

4-9th September 1999
@Ars Electronica99 in Linz,
at OpenX Show
Presentation and installation of demversion of the linX ride 

27th-31 May 1999
@Synworld Exhibition, Public Netbase Vienna
1st Linx3D level of margarete jahrmann and Motherboard level of max moswitzers
Deathmatch played at 30th may 1999

22nd September, 8pm Middle European time
@ZKM , Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe
at net_condition Show

25th September 1999, 1 pm Middle European time
@Steirischer Herbst99
@net_condition at AVL ART GATE Graz