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22nd September, 8pm Middle European time @ZKM , Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe net_condition Show

25th September 1999, 1 pm Middle European time @Steirischer Herbst99, @net_condition at AVL ART GATE Graz

LinX3D is a 3rdWeb MultiUser game on ASCII loginfiles datavatars and linked to a RL hardware console.

Textbased information is imbedded as texture in LinX3D.These avatars are generated from netprotocolls.The console acts as a real life interface. The ASCII-face of the spect-actor is generated and displayed simultanously the online 3rdWeb game. Players meet real at the various RL installation sites and online in the electronic net. 

Press F1 to see the logged in remote Users!